Christmas Greetings from Cyclops.

I am conscious that you have not heard from me in a while.   As we move into the summer period I thought it would be a good opportunity to let you know what has been happening with me.

 One the Move 

On Sunday 11 May - the Rimutaka Incline Railway's Hillside Tr189 hauled one of my trailer cars (D2411) at a public open day, which has been repeated at all subsequent public open days.  Car D2411 allows the Rimutaka Incline Railway to cater for train rides for around 40 people at a time. People can enjoy a short ride in the station yard, with the added nostalgia of the English Electric units that were withdrawn from service on the Wellington network back in 2012. 

The track I sit on 

The track I sit on was kindly loaned to me by the Rimutaka Incline Railway while I sorted out some of my own track.  Earlier this year KiwiRail donated 200 metres of track, 150 sleepers, and associated bed plates and rail fastenings so I can sit easy in the future. 

In November the Trust that looks after me visited the KiwiRail yards in Ngauranga to stack the best 150 sleepers they could and to sort through and package up rail fastenings and bed plates.

 On 21st December the sleepers and rail fastenings were delivered to the Maymorn Yard. 

I am waiting for the lengths of rail to be cut in the Ngauranga rail yards before they are shipped to Maymorn in January. 

While the rail, sleepers and fastenings were donated by Kiwirail, carting them to Maymorn will cost approximately $1,200 with a further approximately $1,200 to cut the rail. 

My thanks to KiwiRail for the kind donation.  In 2015 the Trust intends to make a similar request for

a donation of traction poles.  

Daran Ponter, Mike Hartle and Tim Cook with my stacked sleepers (Bryce Pender photo)   

Daran Ponter, Mike Hartle and Tim Cook with my stacked sleepers (Bryce Pender photo)


My Leaking Roof 

The roofs of all three cars are leaking.  A preliminary assessment was undertaken on 7th December.  A Kiwirail technician will visit me in January to provide more expert advice on how to undertake a long-term fix that will keep my dry over the years. 

In the meantime the nice people at the Trust are organising for a large water container to allow for water blasting of my roofs and panel work.  They are also sourcing scaffolding so that workers can safely work on the roofs.  The Trust hopes to start work in earnest on the roof in late January and February, with the aim of having all roofs sealed and repainted by autumn 2015. 

My Rusting Panels 

I came to Maymorn with quite a lot of rust and a heap of bog.  I've been at Maymorn for nearly two years.  In that time things have got worse. 

But, the Trust has a plan.  In January the Trust will be undertaking a thorough assessment of the work required to remove significant rust, including panel replacement, filling and painting.  This process will star with a full wash down of all three cars, starting with D2411, before sections are marked off for replacement or repair. 

If you know of people who have the skills to cut and replace panel work on the three cars please let the Trust know by or calling Bryce (021 220 2009) or Daran (027 454 0689)

A Business Plan 

The Trust is starting on the development of a business plan to confirm the vision for my future.  A draft will be circulated to members for comment by April 2015. 

A Conservation Plan 

A conservation plan to guide my preservation is being developed.  It will take some time to prepare but I am hopeful that you will get to comment on a draft by June 2015. 


I now have a website, where the people looking after me will post recent information on my preservation, working days and plans for the future.  Check it out here – 


I also have a Facebook page at:

 Volunteer Days 

In 2015 we will be starting volunteer days - this is where you get to come and work on me, more information will follow in the New Year.


If you would like to join the trust or to renew membership please contact me at or look on the website for bank details to make donations to help the trust care for me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year