Summer Round-up from Cyclops

It has been a long hot summer!  I've loved it.  These nothing worse than a bit of damp to get under my skin and start lifting my iron works! 

The track I sit on 

In January lengths of Kiwirail donated rail were cut at the Ngauranga rail yards before then being shipped to Maymorn.  This has enabled the Rimutaka Rail Incline Trust to start laying more track in the yard. 

My thanks to Kiwirail for the kind donation.  Later in 2015 the Trust intends to make a similar request for a donation of traction poles.

 My Leaking Roof 

I've told you about my head problems in the past - leaking roofs, discoloured surface etc. 

Well this summer I got the full works. 

It started with the arrival of some scaffolding donated by Geeves Scaffolding

Clean Cyclops-(C)MHartle.JPG

This enabled the boys to start applying some diluted Turgophos to my scalp.  What a feeling - those boys massaged the brooms all over my head - tingling waves overcame me as the Turgophos worked its magic.

Of course I can't see my head, but I am told that I now have a shiny head of grey hair....and the rust is not as bad as first feared.                                                                                                                                      

(c) Daran Ponter

(c) Daran Ponter

The plan over the next few months is to cut out the rusted sections and weld new plates in place.  A safety plan has been developed and scaffolding is being sourced - though if you have any lying around let the Trustees know.

Once the rusted roof sections have been addressed the Trustees propose to give me a total roof paint, probably next summer.

My Rusting Panels 

The roof is the priority at this stage.  In the spring and summer the Trustees propose to tackle the not insubstantial issue of my rusted side panels. 

A Business Plan 

The Trust is starting on the development of a business plan to confirm the vision for my future.  A draft will be circulated to members for comment by May 2015. 

A Conservation Plan 

A conservation plan to guide my preservation is being developed.  It will take some time to prepare but I am hopeful that you will get to comment on a draft by September 2015. 

Permanent Cover 

During 2015 my Trust will be working with the Rimutaka Incline Railway to put in applications for grants which will allow the completion of the shed for Roads 3 and 4 at Maymorn.  This should allow me to be permanently under cover. 


I now have a website, where the people looking after me will post recent information on my preservation, working days and plans for the future.  Check it out here –


I also have a Facebook page at:

Volunteer Days 

In 2015 we will be starting volunteer days - this is where you get to come and work on me, more information to follow. 


Like all good historic items funds are needed to help get me into tip top shape, please consider becoming a supporter/member, adopting a seat or making a donation.

I look forward to seeing you in 2015.